75 Free Flirty Texts To Text A Girl

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You can download my favorite 75 Free Texts to send woman immediately by filling out your email address on the link to the right and hitting submit.

A good idea is to save the list in your phone somewhere so that you always have them on you. 



It’s important that you understand that there are no magic texts that you can send a girl that is going to make her fall in love with you. If you read my other blog post How you text a girl is way more important than what you text a girl I go into great detail about how when you text a girl, when you stop texting a girl, and how often you text a girl leave way more of an impact on her then the texts that you actually send her. I highly recommend that you read that blog post first before using any of these. You can read it here :


Once you read that you will have a better understanding of how and when you should send these texts. These texts are great for opening text conversations in a fun and flirty way. They set you apart from most guys who open conversations by just saying generic none funny things like  “hey whats up” . 

Go through the list and find some that suit your personality. You are bound to find a few that suit you that you can send that will get her laughing and begin your conversation in a fun and flirty way. 

Let me know which ones work for you and if you have any new ones that you have thought of I would love to hear them. 

You can email me at questions@howtotextagirltoday.com 

I read and respond to every email!

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Disclaimer-Results may vary

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