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I’m Tommy Tavares, I wanted to take a second of our time to introduce myself. 

I am about as average as they come. I’m 5’6 which is really short for a guy. Weight about 157lbs . I am definitely not someone who woman do a double take at when I walk by. 

However,  if I get a girls phone number, I know that I can get a date with her. 

This wasn’t always the case. I used to get girls numbers and I would text them back and forth for a few days or weeks and then I would ask them to go out and they would flake on me or make some excuse as to why they couldn’t. Next thing I knew they weren’t texting me anymore. 

I knew that it had to be because of the way that I was texting them. So I started experimenting with the way that I would text woman and suddenly stumbled across a method that worked amazing. 

The funny thing is that I stumbled across of it by accident. I was actually being a little bit shady. I was texting a girl with a boyfriend. 

Since I knew that she had a boyfriend, I was texting her about a quarter of the amount that I usually text girls because I didn’t want her to think I was some home wrecker. 

I only messaged her about once a week but I just made sure that when I did that what I said would make her laugh and make her more excited to see me the next time our paths crossed. 

This ended up working really well. I started texting all girls way less but made sure that when I did text them that i was texting them with funny quality texts that would make them want to continue talking to me. 

The key I learned was to make them laugh and enjoy the conversation, then once the conversation was at a high point, let them go leaving them wanting more and make them wait to hear back from you again.


This builds anticipation and works great over texts. 

Why I know that this will work for you

I’ve shared my texting method with lots of men who have dramatically increased the amount of girls that they go on dates with.  I explain the texting method in great detail in the book.  If you are someone who has trouble figuring out what to talk about or what type of text to send to get a response I have put together 75 of my favorite texts to send and conversation topics and questions to ask woman, which you can actually download free by just signing up to my newsletter. 

My book comes with 100% money back guarantee, so if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the material you can email me and get a full refund. 

Like it or not, almost all relationships begin now with a texting relationship. If you want to have success with woman in the future you need to learn how to text them in a way that makes them want to see more of you. 

If you read my book you will be well on your way to changing your dating life. 




Tommy Tavares


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