How Long Should You Wait To Text A Girl After Meeting Her

How long should you wait to text a girl after meeting her

The best thing to do when you get a girls number  is send her a fun flirty text as soon as you leave her or shortly after. So let’s say you get a girls number at a party, you would type her number in or get her to type in her number on your phone, then immediately send her a fun flirty text.

Step 1) She gives you her number

Step 2) You say “Great I’ll send you a text right now so you can store my number to”

Step 3)You send a text to her saying something like ” The Incredibly charming and  handsome guy that you were chatting with at the party” or ” “Tommy, the sexiest man you spoke to tonight”

something playful like that and a little bit flirty like that. 

The key is don’t tell her what you are going to send her and send it to her shortly after leaving her so that you are fresh in her memory. 

Be forewarned, some girls will give you their number even if they don’t like you, just because they don’t want to be rude when you ask. A good way to figure out it this is the case or not is if she responds back to your original text or if she doesn’t. This is why it is key to wait until you aren’t with her to fire this message off. If she does reply back, then it is game on and its up to you to amplify the attraction and pique her interest from there. 

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