I wasn’t always good at texting woman.

I am definitely not a guy who woman are physically attracted to on the spot.

I’m a short guy! I’m 5’6 , 150lbs, with an average build. I’ve got a hairline that is receding, a big nose and an over bite that makes for a weak jaw line.


Despite my average looks, I’ve always done ok with woman. Just never in competitive settings with a lot of other men. When I would be out at a bar where there was a bunch of other men around, woman would never come up to talk to me over other more attractive men unless they knew who I was already first.

However, if I was in a social setting with some friends and was introduced to some girls who were mutual friends of theirs, then I would do ok once they got to know me because of my sense of humour and personality.

None of this really mattered to me though because until about two and a half years ago I was in a long term relationship. Although I was going out to the bars still with friends it didn’t bother me that woman weren’t approaching me because I always knew who I was going home with.

Then I got dumped after 7 years of dating the same girl from the age of 20-27.

The next year of my life was the worst ever.

My Girlfriend had started dating someone else a month after she dumped me, moved in with him after 3 months despite never living with me over 7 years and was engaged to him after 7 months.

This hurt me big time! I struggled to move on.

After the break up I was going out about 3 times a week with a friend who was a really good looking guy and also naturally good with woman. Lucky for me he introduced me to a lot of cute girls that he knew.

He was the best Wing Man ever ! He talked me up to these girls all the time and because of this I was able to get a lot of girls phone numbers.

The same thing kept happening though. The girls whose numbers I would get would be interested in me at the start but would slowly stop answering my texts. I could feel them slipping away one by one as I texted them.

Back then I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. I would be texting them back and forth for a few weeks and then I would ask them on a date and they would flake on me.

I couldn’t figure out why.

In many cases the girl would tell me that we should hang out sometime during the first few texts, then after a few days or weeks of texting, that same girl would make up some excuse of why she couldn’t hang out with me when I would ask her to hang out like a week later, even though just a few days before she was suggesting to me that we should hang out.

This was happening over and over again. I couldn’t convert my phone numbers to dates and I was getting “friend zoned” over and over again. I didn’t know how to text a girl in a way that got dates.

I am a big believer that you are the only one to blame for your results with woman. So I knew that it was something that I was doing wrong. I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

I started getting really depressed and frustrated about how I was not being able to convert these phone numbers to dates.

I started thinking that I was never going to have another girlfriend, that I was going to die an old lonely man and that I would be seen around my circle of friends as a loser who girls didn’t want to be with.

I even had a girl friend of mine suggest to me that my problem was that I was always trying to go after girls who were out of my league. She told me that I should maybe try to go for one of the good looking girls friends who wasn’t as pretty but super nice.


I knew that she was wrong though, I know that an ordinary guy like me can pick up beautiful woman, heck my ex girlfriend of 7 years was beautiful and you see average men with drop dead gorgeous woman all the time.

I knew that I was dropping the ball somehow during our text messages and that if I could figure out how to keep her wanting to text me, and learn the right time to ask her out and how to ask her out that my results would change.

Then one day something Magical happened and I stumbled across the solution.

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I was at a girls house pre-drinking before a night out with some of my buddies and a group of girls. Of the 5 girls there I knew 3 of them. One of the girls who I didn’t know had just got back into town from University.

She was a knockout. I’m talking 10 out of 10. Blonde hair , Blue Eyes, Big Boobs. Pretty much looked like Pamela Anderson minus the plastic surgery.

During the night we were playing drinking games and I happened to notice that she had a Blackberry. So I added her to Blackberry Messenger.

Blackberry Messenger is the easiest way to get a girls phone number, if you have a blackberry and another girl you are talking to has one , then you can get her Blackberry Messenger contact every time. It’s as easy as adding someone to facebook.

That’s another story though.

Obviously I was attracted to this girl. Every guy in the room was. Any guy in town would be.

There was a problem though. She had a boyfriend.


The good news was that he was going back to his home town for the summer which was about a 14 hour drive away.

The second good piece of news was that her boyfriend still had another year of school and she was done.

So I kinda figured that they wouldn’t last to much longer. Long distance relationships seldom work.

So, I mustered up some courage and started texting her the next day.

Only this time since I knew that she had a boyfriend I texted her in a different way then I had been texting the previous single girls.

She knew that I knew that she had a boyfriend. So I didn’t want her to think that I was trying to come onto her when I texted her.

So I texted her in a completely different way then I had been texting girls before.

I went in with a game plan.

Usually what I would do is start texting a girl and try to keep the texting conversation going for as many days as possible trying to get to know them and sneaking in as many interesting stories or facts about myself as possible that I thought a girl may be interested in.

I knew that since this girl had a boyfriend that I couldn’t use this approach. If I was texting her more then her boyfriend was then she would maybe feel uncomfortable and would know that I was into her.

So I started with an outcome in mind that I wanted.

My mindset was that I figured that I would be pre-drinking with her again within a few weeks since our groups of friends had a good time that day.

So my goal was that the next time we pre-drank or saw each other I wanted her to be really excited to see me! That’s it!

So with that goal in mind, I changed the way that I usually text to a new approach.

I took baby steps

Rather then try to talk to her for as long as possible like I was doing with most girls. I was simply going to try to make her laugh and then as soon as I got her laughing I was going to let her go ending our interaction on a high note hopefully keeping her wanting more and not talk to her again until later that week when I would simply ask if our friends were going to get together again for some pre-drinks before the bar.

My thinking was that if I could end the conversation while she was laughing, and have the discipline not to text her back the entire week. It would be something completely different then what she is used to experiencing from guys and that her last memory of me would be me making her laugh.

So that’s what I did

I texted her the next day and flirted with her/teased her about kicking her butt in the drinking game. She played along teasing back a bit. This went on for a few messages then once I felt that the conversation was at a high point of us both enjoying the banter I ended the conversation.

I simply said alright, well I gotta get going, I’ll text you later in the week to see what you girls are up to.

One of the Key things that I did here is that I left myself an opening to contact her again by telling her I would text her later in the week. I just didn’t specify exactly when. This is a great thing to do with girls. Helps build suspense on when you will text them next and doesn’t make you look as into them as when you just text them out of the blue and they aren’t expecting it.

So the weekend came and I texted her.

I opened the conversation with something funny which I always do now. Then asked her what her and her friends were doing. It turned out we weren’t going to be hanging out with them, so I just flirted with her a little bit more teasing her about probably still being scared and embarrassed from the beating her and the girls took in the drinking games from me and the guys the week before.

After a few short messages back and forth we were joking around a bit teasing each other a bit again. Soon as I saw that she was enjoying the conversation, I ended it once again while it was on a high and just told her I’d text her the following week and see if our paths were going to cross.

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The following week something happened that I never thought would happen.

After about 5 days of not texting her,
she texted me first!

You should have seen my eyes light up when I got her text.

She invited my friends and I over to pre-drink at her place before going to the bar. The she started joking about how she needed another chance to redeem herself against me and my buds in the drinking game that I had been teasing her about losing in for 2 weeks now.

When we showed up to her place. She came right up to me first and gave me a massive hug and gave me more attention then any other guys that were there. We went out to the bar together also and she partied along side me the whole night dancing with me and taking a lot of pictures of us.

The objective that I had set out for when I began texting her 3 weeks prior had been accomplished. I simply wanted her to be excited to see me the next time we saw each other.

Well that definitely happened.

The next day when I woke up in all my glory, I analyzed what I did right. Why my game plan worked. What I did that made her text me that 3rd week.

This great night happened after only texting her on 3 days over the course of about 20 days. We only texted once a week and when we did it was always very short conversations no more then 10 messages back and forth each time.


The first 2 weeks when I texted her, my texting style was the same.

  • Open the conversation with something funny.
  • Start flirting / teasing as soon as possible
  • End the Conversation first while things were going well!
  • Don’t text her again for a week

Here is the impression that it left on her.

  • I was a funny guy
  • I was confident
  • I knew how to talk to woman.
  • I was not desperate
  • I wasn’t completely into her like most guys who text the same woman over and over again.
  • I had things in my life going on that were more important to me then talking to her.

I learned from this that less was more. That my actions spoke louder then my words. That the fact that I was willing to not talk to her for many days on end after having such a great short conversation with her made me seem much more attractive to her.

In real life conversations your body language communicates more to the other person then the actual words. I realized that the same is true when texting.

That your actions tell the person more about you then your words. The way that you text, when you end conversations, how you end them, how you open them, how often you do and don’t text a girl communicate more about you to her then your actual words do.

I discovered that there is actually something called texting body language and know one had been talking about this yet.

I had even downloaded some ebooks just like this on texting and one of the first things that all of them said was that since when we text we can not see each others body language that 100% of communication when texting was about the words.

Where as in real life the words are only 7% while tone is 3% and body language makes up for 90%

Boy were these texting experts wrong about that!

The way you text –Your Texting Body Language is 90% when texting also!

After I figured out why I was having success texting her like this I continued texting her the same way over the next 2 months or so and began texting all other girls like this also.

Within about another 6 weeks her and her boyfriend had ended their Relationship as I expected they would given the long distance and guess who got the first date with her!



After a few weeks of texting her and all other girls like this and consistently getting positive responses from them. My life started changing for the better.

I wasn’t used to having girls text me first out of the blue and it wasn’t long before I was waking up with as many as 11 new texts from different woman. I actually woke up one day with 11 text messages from girls and to top it off, I had a girl sleep over that night.

This was only about 6 months after I l started using this Texting Tactic.

11 girls was obviously way above average but 5 or 6 girls a day texting me had become pretty standard.

Can you imagine how different your life would be if you could wake up with 5 different girls wanting to chat with you?

I started going on about 6 dates a month and was meeting some awesome woman who I am still friends with today.

My texting was getting out of hand. My friends were chirping me because I was always texting. Every time they looked over I would have this sly smile on my face looking at my phone texting someone.

Over the course of 6 months I had changed my texting style completely and created a texting formula that I just used over and over again with every woman to consistently get dates.

I’ve now got this Texting Tactic broken down to a Step by Step Plan that anyone could follow. I’ve got so many Funny Openers, Flirty Conversations , and Perfect Closers that you will never run out of things to say to a girl over text.

When you combine these scripts with my texting tactic you will start noticing dramatic changes to your dating life.

I know that anyone regardless of their personality type has the ability to use these scripts with the texting tactic to get results and I want to prove to the world that there is something called texting body language and if an average guy like me can use this texting tactic formula to go on dates with lots of beautiful woman that anyone can.

I didn’t want my friends in town to know the secret to my success. I didn’t want to tell them about my secret texting formula that virtually changed my dating life over night because I was worried that they would start having success and stealing some of my potential dates in town.

I needed some proof that this texting tactic could work for other people though, so luckily I had some single friends from University that were living in different cities. I told them about the success that I was having and sent them a rough draft of this book with my Texting Formula.

They started using the tips in the book and at minimum tripled the amount of girls that they had texting them on a regular basis.

Now after years of testing and tweaking the texting tactic, interviewing lots of beautiful woman about what intrigues and annoys them when texting men I have finally perfected the system and created this Step by Step plan that any guy can follow to begin tripling the amount of girls they text and dates that they go on.

What you are going to learn in this book is an incredible system for texting women that will literally triple the number of women that you text each week, and triple the number of dates that you go on within just a few months.

I have sent over 100,000 texts to woman and after experiencing more strike outs then I would like to admit, I’ve now learned what actually works.

I’m now at the point in my life where if a woman gives me her phone number I know that I can go on a date with her if I want to. I know exactly what to text her, when to text her and how often to text her to make her want to go on a date with me.

I am going to share the exact Texting Tactic that I use over and over again to go on dates with beautiful woman.

In this book I share some of my favorite openers, closers and routines that I have tremendous success with.

You will finish this book with a better understanding of what woman are attracted to and how you can display those characteristics in the way that you text woman.

Here’s what else you will learn

  • How to get a girl to text you back immediately with a 4 word text that will make her laugh.
  • How to get a girl to flirt with you over text the first day you text her.
  • How to get a girl to go on a date with you on the spot, with my simple Instant Date Technique
  • How to get a girl to text you back without looking desperate
  • How to ask a girl out on date, without looking like a loser if she says no !
  • What to do if a woman stops texting you
  • What to do if a girl doesn’t answer your texts
  • What to do if she is texting other men
  • What to do if she takes to long to answer your texts
  • What to do if you don’t know what to text first
  • What to do if you don’t know how to end the conversation
  • What to do if you don’t know how to ask her out
  • What to do if you want her to text you back
  • What to do if you want her to text you first next time
  • What to text if you want her to respond

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You will also learn:

  • Why being a Gentleman doesn’t get you a first date when texting and what to be like instead.
  • Why conversations over text don’t work when and how you should text her instead
  • Why you can’t text her everyday, and how often you should text her instead.
  • Why you shouldn’t answer all of her texts
  • How to text more girls by texting less often
  • How to go on more dates by texting less
  • How to get woman to text you by ending conversations with them
  • How to wake up to multiple texts from woman by ending conversations with them
  • How to make woman think you are charming, confident , and successful by barely texting them.
  • How to make woman want to date you by barely texting them
  • How to triple the amount of girls you text by texting girls once or twice a week.
  • How to make woman want to sleep with you by being cocky.
  • How to make a girl want you by forgetting to text her back.

How different would your life be if you had 3 times as many girls texting you then you have right now?

Imagine being able to pick and choose out of the girls who are texting you which one you would like to go on a date with.

How much is this knowledge worth to you?

If you take a girl to any nice restaurant you are going to be spending a minimum of $100 on dinner and drinks. If you end up taking her to a movie by the time you pay for snacks you have spent $40 and if you go on a coffee date to a place like starbucks that has specialty coffees you are spending atleast $10.

3 dates will cost you a minimum of $150 dollars.

If you do this 3 times with the same girl or you get to the point where you are able to see up to 3 woman at a time should you choose to this would transmute to $450

For 2% of that cost you can have instant access to these texting secrets to get you on those dates.

I have seen this system work over and over for men of all different shapes, sizes and nationalities. I am so confident that within 90 days of following my texting tactic system that you will triple the amount of girls that text you on a day to day basis that I am going to give you a full 90 day money back guarantee and you can keep the book and all the bonuses. Just send me an email with your receipt and I will refund you.

Purchase the book right now and send me your success stories, questions and comments!

I answer every email !

See ya on the inside!

Your Texting Wingman

Tommy Tavares



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