How Long Should You Wait To Text A Girl After Meeting Her

How long should you wait to text a girl after meeting her

The best thing to do when you get a girls number  is send her a fun flirty text as soon as you leave her or shortly after. So let’s say you get a girls number at a party, you would type her number in or get her to type in her number on your phone, then immediately send her a fun flirty text.

Step 1) She gives you her number

Step 2) You say “Great I’ll send you a text right now so you can store my number to”

Step 3)You send a text to her saying something like ” The Incredibly charming and  handsome guy that you were chatting with at the party” or ” “Tommy, the sexiest man you spoke to tonight”

something playful like that and a little bit flirty like that. 

The key is don’t tell her what you are going to send her and send it to her shortly after leaving her so that you are fresh in her memory. 

Be forewarned, some girls will give you their number even if they don’t like you, just because they don’t want to be rude when you ask. A good way to figure out it this is the case or not is if she responds back to your original text or if she doesn’t. This is why it is key to wait until you aren’t with her to fire this message off. If she does reply back, then it is game on and its up to you to amplify the attraction and pique her interest from there. 

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75 Free Flirty Texts To Text A Girl

Hey Pal, 

You can download my favorite 75 Free Texts to send woman immediately by filling out your email address on the link to the right and hitting submit.

A good idea is to save the list in your phone somewhere so that you always have them on you. 



It’s important that you understand that there are no magic texts that you can send a girl that is going to make her fall in love with you. If you read my other blog post How you text a girl is way more important than what you text a girl I go into great detail about how when you text a girl, when you stop texting a girl, and how often you text a girl leave way more of an impact on her then the texts that you actually send her. I highly recommend that you read that blog post first before using any of these. You can read it here :

Once you read that you will have a better understanding of how and when you should send these texts. These texts are great for opening text conversations in a fun and flirty way. They set you apart from most guys who open conversations by just saying generic none funny things like  “hey whats up” . 

Go through the list and find some that suit your personality. You are bound to find a few that suit you that you can send that will get her laughing and begin your conversation in a fun and flirty way. 

Let me know which ones work for you and if you have any new ones that you have thought of I would love to hear them. 

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Good luck 

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How You Text A Girl Is Way More Important Than What You Text A Girl

How You Text A Girl Is Way More Important Than What You Text A Girl

The Body Language of Texting

A lot of guys are looking for the magic pick up lines. They think that if only they knew what to text a girl then the rest would take care of itself. The truth is that how you text a girl is way more important than what you text a girl.

You might think that body language has absolutely nothing to do with texting, but a lot of the science crosses over in surprising ways. In the 1960’s there was a theory that surfaced named Mehrabian’s Rule. This basically said that all communication is split into three parts: tone of voice, words, and body language.

As you may know, these three parts aren’t equal. Far from it! Here’s how it breaks down:

ñ Words – 7%

ñ Tone of Voice – 38%

ñ Body Language – 55%

Alfred Mehrabian, the professor who developed this concept, actually claims that what he meant was a little different than that.

Basically, 7% of all communication is the words themselves, and 93% is essentially entirely non-verbal.

Now think about that in the parameters of texting. Body language comes across in a wholly different way, basically in how you text, rather than what you text. Your texting patterns – how long you take to respond, how frequently you respond, whether you begin or end the conversations – contribute to the body language of your texts.

In other words, these patterns make up 93% of what you’re saying. The words still matter of course; it’s important to be confident, funny, charming, etc, but they don’t make up the whole picture. You can have all the right pick up lines, but if you don’t know how to deliver them, they won’t work.

Demonstrating the right Texting Body Language meaning knowing when to send a message, how long you should wait to respond to a message, when to end a conversation, when to start a conversation is the equivalent of talking to a woman in public confidently with good eye contact and comfortable body language.

In my Ebook I teach you exactly how to demonstrate the perfect texting body language by using my Texting Tactic.

What I discovered was that your texting body language is way more important then what you actually text to women. The funny thing is there isn’t a single texting guide on the market that even mentions texting body language. In fact, some of them even go so far as suggesting that the difference between texting and talking is that in texting it’s all about the words! So they simply try to sell you a product with a bunch of pick up lines that will only get you about 7% of the way there, since 93% of communication is non verbal.

It’s important to be confident, charming and funny, and say the right things to push her buttons. However, if you don’t know when to stop or how to turn it into dates then the words don’t matter.

My Texting Tactic is quite simple, I will explain it in detail in this book and will give you all the texts to send girls and all the tips that you need to replicate my results with it.

I teach you exactly when the best time to text girls is, what to say to open the conversation that immediately leads to flirting and some fun banter, what to continue talking about to escalate the flirting and exactly when to end the texting so that you leave her wanting to hear more from you. 

After I started using this tactic, I went from going on 2 dates a month, to 8 dates a month. I went from texting about 2 or 3 girls on a regular basis to texting 7-12 girls regularly.

The best part about using it is that in total I was texting way less. Each girl I was only texting about once or twice a week and seeing way better results.

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How To Text A Girl Whose Number You Just Got

What To Text A Girl Whose Number You Just Got

Like it or not, texting has now become the first step in dating. Nearly every relationship begins with some form of texting, meaning that this becomes the foundation for whatever comes next. If a woman enjoys texting you, she’ll be much more open to the possibility of going further with you.

Why is it so important?

For one thing, texting is now an easy way for women to screen the men they go on dates with. If a girl gives you her number at a bar and says “text me,” she’s opening the door for you to show her what you’ve got. If she doesn’t like the goods, she has no commitment. It’s through texting that she will determine whether you’re a guy she wants to go on a date with. Once a girl gives you her phone number to text her, she’s pretty much yours to lose!

Some girls actually choose not to get an outgoing call plan because either they text or the guy calls them. The rules have changed drastically in the last few years. That’s why it’s so important for you to learn how to be a good texter if you want to date woman. 

Before you text a girl you need to decide what your objective is. If you are reading this then the chances are that you are attracted to this girl and would like to go on a date with her. Getting a single girl to go on a date with you is pretty easy. She liked you enough to give you her number, now all you have to do is show her that you aren’t a stalker and display a few characteristics that girls are attracted to. (Confidence, sense of humour, independent, trust worthy, exciting, adventurous, mysterious)

I’ll get into how you can display those characteristics a little bit later, but first lets do some more intel.

If you just got her number then chances are that you both don’t know much about each other. Obviously there is some attraction there though or else she would not have agreed to give you her number. She did which basically means she is saying “here is your chance to show me what you’ve got”

She is giving you a small window of opportunity to impress her, and show her that you are different from other guys. If you start becoming boring, text her to much, appear like you are to interested in her then she is going to stop returning your texts.

To prevent this from happening you should keep your texts short, flirty, fun, and end the conversation first on your terms if possible when things are going well!

If your objective is to get a date with her, you need to be realistic in your expectations. Ask yourself how quickly would she be willing to go on a date with me. Maybe she just got out of a relationship and isn’t ready to date yet.

Another thing to ask yourself is when is the next time that you will see this girl? If you go out again next weekend will she be out? Is there a party coming up that you may see her at?

If so then you shouldn’t be in a rush to ask her out on a date. If you are going to see her within the next few weeks somewhere else then your objective when you text her may simply be to make her feel more attraction for you when that next encounter is!

The way that you do this is by only texting girls for 3 reasons. 1) to flirt with them 2) to ask them on a date. 3)to find out their plans or make plans

Do not text a girl just to try to have a conversation with them and get to know them over text. This is super boring for her. Most girls are going to have a few other guys that they are texting on and off so you need to stand out from these other guys.   If you text her to try to get to know her and have a conversation with her, then you aren’t going to stand out, and all she is going to think is that you have nothing else going on in your life because you are busy texting her all day and by doing this you will appear like someone who is super happy to be texting her all day which will take away all your power and put her in the power position. 

Instead only text her to flirt or to make plans and try to always end the conversation first on your own terms and while the conversation is going really good. This may mean that you are only going to text her 1 time in a week. However , having an enjoyable , short fun flirty  text conversation where you end the conversation first, while things are on a high note and she is enjoying it, and then not texting her back the entire week until the day you think you are going to run into each other will leave her with a way better impression of you then had you text her all week with boring stuff.

If things are going well in the conversation, and while you have some banter back and forth, you just end it and say something like “I’ve gotta run but I’ll text ya later in the week and see whats up. Later”

She is going to wonder all kinds of crazy things about you. First she is going to wonder where you had to go that you can’t talk to her.  It is after all a cell phone you take it everywhere. Then she is going to wonder why you had to leave and couldn’t continue talking even though you were having such a good convo. Then later as the week goes on and the days goes on she is going to wonder when you are going to text back and or if you are going to text back. After all you never specified a specific day that you would text her. You just said that you would later in the week.  Each day that goes by will build anticipation and attraction. Then when you do see her the next time, she is going to be super happy to see you since you had so much fun during your last little text exchange. and stopped texting her while things were going well, leaving her wanting more. 


Less is definitely more! This is way more effective then texting her all week. The guy who has been texting her all week is going to show up and she will know instantly that he is into her and isn’t a challenge for her. You on the other hand she won’t quite know what your deal was. You flirted with her a bit , but then didn’t feel the need to want to talk to her the rest of the week . There is a lot of unknown about you that she will want to figure out. Makes you much more challenging, confident and mysterious.

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